FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What time does AAF play?

Our rally up time is 7:15 with a mission start at 7:30, every Wednesday and Saturday. All members are expected to keep their mods up to date and be ready before mission start.

Can I play if you live outside Australia?

Of course, we have many players from other countries, including South East Asia, America and Europe, but our playtime remains unchanged week-to-week.

Look below to see your timezone and our start time.

UTC Offset Regions Starting Time
-9 Alaska 0:30 AM
-8 United States and Canada (Pacific Time Zone) 1:30 AM
-7 United States and Canada (Mountain Time Zone) 2:30 AM
-6 United States and Canada (Central Time Zone) 3:30 AM
-5 United States and Canada (Eastern Time Zone) 4:30 AM
-4 Canada (Atlantic Time Zone) 5:30 AM
+0 United Kingdom 9:30 AM
+1 Norway, Sweden, France, Central Europe 10:30 AM
+2 Finland, Greece, Israel, South Africa 11:30 AM
+3 Russia (Moscow Time), Saudi Arabia 12:30 PM
+4 United Arab Emirates, Russia (Samara Time) 1:30 PM
+5 Pakistan, Russia (Yekaterinburg Time) 2:30 PM
+6 Russia (Omsk Time) 3:30 PM
+7 Thailand, Vietnam 4:30 PM
+8 Australia (WA), China, Singapore, Taiwan 5:30 PM
+9 Japan, North Korea, South Korea 6:30 PM
+9:30 Australia (NT, SA) 7:00 PM
+10 Australia (ACT, NSW, QLD, TAS, VIC) 7:30 PM
+11 Vanuatu 8:30 PM
+12 New Zealand, Fiji 9:30 PM

Do I have to be 18 to play?

Thought the AAF has no set age restrictions, we measure all our members on their level of maturity and communication, and expect everyone to behave like an adult whilst in-game.

Do you use mods?

Yes, we use about 22GB of mods, including ACE3, ACRE and CUP Maps and Weapons.

Can I download the mods through Steam / PW6?

No. Due to our frequent mod changes, and developing our own mod internally, we use a proprietary downloader called Scarlet. Once you send in an application, you will be asked to download all the mods through Scarlet.

What if I can't make mission nights?

We run multiple mission nights each week, so don't worry if you can make our main mission nights.