About Australian Armed Forces

Australian Armed Forces.

The #1 Australian ARMA 3 Community

The Australian Armed Forces, often referred to as just “AAF”, is a co-op based squad formed in the late months of 2008, however its roots extend back to 2001 with the release of Operation Flashpoint.

Structured and Organised

Major Missions on every Wednesday and Saturday

We play nearly every evening with at least one major game every week and have members on our TS3 almost every day. We have scheduled missions on Wednesday and Saturday nights, and often organise/participate in joint-operations with other community squads.

Community Driven

New mods, ideas and projects happening every day.

At the AAF, we believe in giving back to the ARMA community that has already given so much. With the development of our Australian Army Mod (AAM) and the Scarlet Updater, we pride ourselves in our community and always encourage others to learn the skills to help give back as well.

Seriously Tactical.
Dangerously Entertaining.

We are built on our Training and Communication.

The AAF prides itself on a serious, fun filled environment, and it’s our highest priority that all members accept this. It is only in this way, that we can act as a functional tactical realism unit, without the overhead of running an attempted full para-military operation.

Growing Strong

Over 100 members on the books and growing.

With applications currently open and many recruits applying each week, the AAF can appear to be impersonal, especially in comparison to its history, but the relations between members have maintained its feeling as a close knit family of committed players.

Feel like this is for you?

AAF is currently accepting applications.

If you're interested and are Australian or within approx 5 hours of (GMT +10 AEST), don't hesitate to apply now! Once you've submitted your application, jump on to the AAF Discord and follow the prompts from the automated process.